Allahu Akbar Jihadi Mahmed Overview

Allahu Akbar Jihadi Mahmed, (born Mahmed Rouhani Al-Houssani Iguyaim Jikhatrammadingdonger) was born September 11, 1975 in the city of Jikhatrammadingdong, is an Afghan National, and Islamic Fundamentalist. He has been involved multiple conflicts including: The Iran Iraq War, the Second Intifada, the Soviet War in Afghanistan, the Gulf War, the Iraq War, the Libyan Civil War, and the Syrian Civil War. He has been reported as having done 9-11. He has survived over 264 suicide bombings.

Early Life Edit

Growing up during the Soviet invasion was tough on a young Mahmed. After his cave was destroyed in early 1980, Mahmed and his family moved to a dirt hut outside of Akbara, which was subsequently destroyed in 1982. Seven year old Mahmed decided to join the Mujahideen after his 12 goat wives were killed by Soviet bombings. By January of 1983, Mahmed had killed 175 Soviet Infidels, including Soviet General Vasily Segov.

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